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About Us

In keeping with sound business practices and in support of its mission, the University of California, Merced, creates, gathers and maintains operational and historical records of its activities. The Office of Records Management is responsible for facilitating the implementation of the University Records Management Program to ensure university contracts and administrative records are appropriately managed, preserved and can be retrieved in a manner consistent with university policies and applicable state and federal laws.  

The program is set forth in the Records Management and Privacy bulletins in conjunction with other university policies and guidelines. The foundation of the University Records Management Program consists of procedures that promote sound, efficient and economical records management in the following areas: 

  • Creation, organization and access to records 
  • Maintenance and retention of administrative records 
  • Security and privacy  
  • Protection of records vital to the university 
  • Preservation of important historical records 
  • Disposition of administrative records when they no longer serve their purpose